Ripley LS

Ultra fast and efficient 29” trail bike with 2.6” tire capability.
Now available in Small. Made in the USA*.
*Size Small only.

  • 120mm Rear Travel
  • 130mm Front Travel
  • 29" Wheels • Up to 2.6 tires
  • Suspension • V5 Kinematics

Ripley LS

"This is the perfect bike for the rider who wants to put in
long miles on adventurous, technical terrain."

-Teton Gravity Research

Frame Material Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Frame Weight 6.25 lbs (medium)
Wheel Size 29” / up to 2.6” tires
Front Travel 130-140mm forks
Rear Travel 120mm
Boost Axles 148mm rear / 110mm front
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
Rear Brake 160mm post mount / 180mm max rotor
Chainstay Length 444mm (17.5 inches)
Bottom Bracket Threaded (73mm English threaded)
Tapered Headtube ZS44 upper / EC49 lower
Colors Vit P or Ti-Ho Silver (M, L, XL);
Black/Vit P or Black/Silver (Small only)
Sizes S / M / L / XL
Warranty 7 years


This is the 3rd generation of the jack-of-all-trades Ripley LS, featuring an all new frame with increased stiffness and clearance for the new generation of 29" tires. The proven dual eccentric dw-link suspension keeps the tires in touch with the ground so your power is applied efficiently.

The new swingarm accommodates the 2X Shimano side swing front derailleurs including Di2 (and of course 1X). The front derailleur mount doubles as a nice upper chain guide mount.

Clears a 2.6" tire

We pioneered the wide rim revolution a few years ago. The new crop of 2.6” tires when paired with our 35mm internal width rims deliver elbow-dragging traction. You can run these high volume monsters at low pressures, delivering incredible traction and stability.

dw-link Suspension

The dw-link suspension design is universally acclaimed as one of the best bicycle suspension systems. We use it because it’s the best we’ve ridden. The Ripley LS uses the EWS World Championship winning V5 dw-link. The dw-link gives the suspension a wide flat platform across the pedaling range for maximum efficiency and bump compliance. Simply put, it tracks the ground without sapping your energy. If it has any shortcomings, we've yet to find them.


The suspension operates via innovative dual-eccentric links. Instead of using external linkages like we do on our longer travel bikes, we were able to construct the Ripley with two small eccentrics, hidden inside the seat tube, which act as the suspension linkages. The bearings are located inside the seat tube, where they are shielded from wheel spray and contamination. The look is very clean, as everything is hidden inside the frame. 

The eccentrics were a huge engineering challenge that resulted in many nice benefits.

The Carbon 831 Lab

We built our first carbon fiber bike over thirty years ago and we’ve been building full suspension carbon fiber mountain bikes for nearly fifteen years. To further advance our understanding of the material, we’ve created a small scale carbon manufacturing facility in our Santa Cruz, CA headquarters. The first project to emerge from our Carbon 831 lab is the size small Ripley LS. You can learn more about the Carbon 831 Lab by clicking below.

Build Your Ripley LS

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Ripley LS

Ripley LS Geometry

LS = Longer & Slacker!

  • 67.5° Head Tube Angle
  • 73° Seat Tube Angle
  • 17.5" / 444mm Chainstays

With 130mm fork (537mm axle to crown)

Nominal Size   Small Medium Large X-Large
Seattube A 38615.2 41916.5 47018.5 52120.5
Toptube B 54621.5 60023.6 61924.4 64025.2
Headtube C 77.53.1 933.7 1024.1 1074.3
Chainstay D 44417.5 44417.5 44417.5 44417.5
Seat Angle E 75°75° 73°73° 73°73° 73°73°
Head Angle F 67.5°67.5° 67.5°67.5° 67.5°67.5° 67.5°67.5°
Wheelbase G 114445.04 114044.9 116746 118746.8
Standover Height (mid toptube) 70127.6 74029.2 74029.2 75229.6
Stack 60523.82 61924.4 62524.7 63224.9
Reach 38315.08 41116.2 42816.9 44817.7
Trail 973.9 973.9 973.9 973.9
BB Height (2.6" tires) 33013 33013 33013 33013

Sizing Guide (Rider Height)

163–175CM5'4"–5' 9"

Dropper Post Measurements  

Dropper Post Saddle Height Calculations

Do not try to insert your post deeper than these measurements. Forcing the post can result in a seat tube failure.

Frame measurement S M L XL
Center-to-Top (mm) 419 470 521
Max Insertion (mm) 165 200 215

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
150 Min n/a 708.5 724.5 760.5
  Max n/a 774 825 876
125 Min 661 659.5 675.5 711.5
  Max 691 724 775 826
100 Min 619 609.5 630.5 681.5
  Max 649 674 725 776

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
175 Min n/a 717 733 769
  Max n/a 770 821 872
150 Min n/a 667 683 722
  Max n/a 730 781 832
125 Min n/a 615 645 696
  Max n/a 680 731 782
100 Min 567 569 620 671
  Max 607 640 691 742
80 Min 527 n/a n/a n/a
  Max 567 n/a n/a n/a

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
170 Min n/a 734 750 786
  Max n/a 819 870 921
150 Min n/a 694 710 746
  Max n/a 779 830 881
125 Min n/a 644 660 711
  Max n/a 729 780 831
100 Min n/a 594 635 686
  Max n/a 679 730 781

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
185 Min n/a 739 754 791
  Max n/a 754 805 856
160 Min 691 689 705 741
  Max 721 754 805 856
125 Min 621 619 635 671
  Max 671 704 755 806

Our Small Project

When we first produced the original Ripley, Roxy made damn sure there was a size small frame. At the time, however, 29ers weren’t yet as widely accepted. Many riders felt they were only for tall people, so the demand wasn’t there. We sat on a number of size small frames and when the Ripley LS came around, it didn’t make sense financially for a small company like Ibis to bet against the trends. Find out the story behind the new size small by clicking below.