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We hit the reset button. The Mojo SL-R: a phenomenally light, startlingly stiff trail bike.

Scot Nicol
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Mojo SL-R

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Introducing the Mojo SL-R.

We started from scratch and did a full reboot.

Everything is new.

The Mojo gave way to the Mojo SL which led to the Mojo HD. What we learned from the continual development of all those bikes was combined, and the result is the Mojo SL-R

Head over to the details tab to learn about all the technologies that have been incorporated into this bike.

The Mojo SL-R: a phenomenally light, startlingly stiff trail bike.


  • 140mm rear wheel travel, dw-link suspension
  • Carbon fiber monocoque frame and swingarm
  • Shock specs: Fox Float CTD Adjust Factory Series with Kashima Coat (7.875" x 2.0")
  • Tapered head tube, makes the bike feel very close in stiffness to a HD 140
  • Cane Creek AngleSet compatible, so the head angle can go down to 67.5º
  • Mojo HD style cable routing with new molded carbon cable stops and provisions for cable-actuated adjustable seat posts
  • Compatible with the Mojo HD downtube cable rock guard
  • The new direct mount front derailleur provides increased compatibility with 2 x 10 drivetrains
  • BB92/Press GXP style integrated BB is lighter and stiffer and better for molding
  • Carbon fiber post-mount rear brake mounts
  • 142mm Maxle rear axle provides high axle stiffness with QR ease of wheel removal and installation
  • The new chain suck plate has more coverage
  • Geometry is unchanged from the Mojo SL but now has AngleSet compatibility for head angle adjustability
  • Titanium fasteners abound
  • Links interchangeable with Mojo SL links
  • Target weight for the frame is ~5.2 pounds (2358g) for a large matte clear with Kashima RP23 (note that frames are weighed with shock but without seat collar, maxle, chainstay wrap, and water bottle bolts)
  • Complete bike with XTR as shown in size large 22.4lbs

Reviews / Awards

The Mojo SL-R uses an entirely new molding technology. We start by molding a sacrificial mandrel in exactly the shape that we want the inside of the frame to be. That becomes the 3D template for the bladder that holds all the carbon preform before it’s laid into the mold. This allows the lay-up to be done in one piece, with no joints anywhere. The result is a more precise lay-up that eliminates the need for additional foam or filler to mold the complex shapes. What that means for you is a lighter and stronger frame. When you compare the SL-R to the Mojo HD, it’s between 80-90% of the HD’s stiffness in every measurement, yet with a frame weight of under five pounds.

The 142mm Maxle rear through axle provides gobs of extra rear wheel stiffness in an extremely lightweight package.

The dw-link suspension leverage rates are unchanged from the Mojo SL, but the Mojo SL-R comes stock with the Fox's brand new Adaptive Logic Kashima coated RP23.  It has the same tune as prior Ibis spec RP23's but it feels significantly better in the areas of small bump sensitivity and ProPedal.  What that means for you is a more supple and responsive ride.

Kashima RP23

The tapered head tube is similar to the one found on the Mojo HD, resulting in front end with unparalleled steering precision for a frame this light.

The bottom bracket is the new press fit integrated style called the BB92, also known as PressGXP. Once again, it provides you with a lighter, stiffer bike.

The direct mount front derailleurs provide two distinct advantages over the band clamp style. First, the direct mount is more compatible with more chainring combinations, including the increasingly popular two-ring cranksets. Additionally, the seat tube doesn't need to reduce down to 34.9mm diameter to accommodate the derailleur clamp, which results in a stiffer frame.

Direct Mount

The Mojo SL-R. Now with more excellence.

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With 140mm Fox Fork:

Nominal Size   Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A 15" (38.1cm) 17" (43.2cm) 19" (48.3cm) 21" (53.3cm)
Effective Top Tube Length B 560 (22") 580 (22.8") 600 (23.6") 620 (24.4")
Head Tube Length C 94 (3.7") 103 (4.06") 118 (4.65") 134 (5.28")
Chainstay Length D 429 (16.9") 429 (16.9") 429 (16.9") 429 (16.9")
Seat Tube Angle E 73° 73° 73° 73°
Head Tube Angle F 69° 69° 69° 69°
Wheelbase G 1063.6 (41.9") 1084.5 (42.7") 1105 (43.5") 1126 (44.3")
Standover Height (mid toptube) 29.6" (752) 30.66" (779) 31" (787) 31.3" (795)
Standover Height (saddle nose) 27.0" (686) 28.4" (721) 28.5" (724) 29" (737)
Sizing Guide (height-inches) 5'0" - 5' 5" 5'4" - 5' 9" 5'9" - 6'2" 6' - 6'6"
Sizing Guide (height-cm) 152 - 165 163 - 175 175 - 188 183 - 198


  • Seat Post Diameter: 31.6mm
  • Front Derailleur: High Direct Mount
  • Headset: Mixed Tapered (1.5? EC49 lower, 1.125? ZS44 upper)
  • BB: BB92/Press GXP
  • BB height unsagged: 336mm
  • BB height at sag: 314mm
  • Chainline: 51mm
  • Rear Brake Mount: Post Mount
  • Rear axle standard: 142 Maxle

Sorry, no build kit info for the Mojo SL-R.

Setup Videos

Setting the correct sag on your suspension bike is a fundamental but super important part of getting the most out of your ride. This video shows you how to achieve a perfectly balanced front and rear end. We show you how on a Ripley, but it applies to any of our dw-link suspension bikes. 

Clean cable routing is essential to good shifting and braking performance. In this video we show you how to do it on the Mojo SL-R.