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One of our fundamental philosophies at Ibis is to build bikes that we want to ride.

Scot Nicol
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The Mojo Carbon started a revolution. When it was introduced, it was the first carbon fiber monocoque all mountain bike. The Mojo is a super lightweight, efficient pedaling, strong and versatile trail bike. Its strength and longevity proved the skeptics wrong. Its affordable price made competitors cringe. It's long travel and light weight blurred the line between an All Mountain bike and a Cross Country bike. Its beauty made the ladies and metrosexual men swoon (OK, maybe not). Its dw-link suspension made terrain disappear. That's all fine and dandy, but how the bike rides is what makes the bike so popular.


  • Carbon monocoque frame and swing arm
  • 5.5" (140mm) rear wheel travel
  • DW-Link Suspension
  • Forged and nickel-plated links
  • Easy to service pivots and bearings
  • Lightweight (sub 6lb) frame, swingarm, rear shock. 25lb complete bike weight
  • Fits a 7.875" x 2.0" shock

Reviews / Awards

We spent three years and put in over 1900 hours of CAD time designing the Mojo.

One of our fundamental philosophies at Ibis is to build bikes that we want to ride. The Mojo Carbon fits that description. In fact, many of us are riding the same bike 5 years later. That's an eon in bike time, where trends change even faster than in the computer industry. Our goal with the latest edition of the Ibis Mojo was to use the best in technologically advanced design, engineering, materials and construction to bring you (and us!) an elegant and efficient ride suitable for a wide variety of terrain and conditions.

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Nominal Size   Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A 15" (38.1cm) 17" (43.2cm) 19" (48.3cm) 21" (53.3cm)
Effective Top Tube Length B 560 (22") 580 (22.8") 600 (23.6") 620 (24.4")
Head Tube Length C 100 (4") 115 (4.5") 130 (5.1") 145 (5.7")
Chainstay Length D 429 (16.9") 429 (16.9") 429 (16.9") 429 (16.9")
Seat Tube Angle E 73° 73° 73° 73°
Head Tube Angle F 69° 69° 69° 69°
Wheelbase G 1063.6 (41.9") 1084.5 (42.7") 1105 (43.5") 1126 (43.3")
Standover Height (mid toptube) 29.6" (752) 30.66" (779) 31" (787) 31.3" (795)
Standover Height (saddle nose) 27.0" (686) 28.4" (721) 28.5" (724) 29" (737)


  • Seat Post Diameter: 31.6mm
  • Front Derailleur: 34.9mm Down Swing/top pull
  • Headset: Cane Creek Integrated Standard (IS 41)
  • BB: 68mm (BSA) English Thread
  • BB height unsagged: 336mm
  • BB height at sag: 314mm
  • Chainline: 50mm
  • Rear Brake Mount: International Standard

Sorry, no build kit info for the Mojo.