Mojo HD4

Championship winning enduro bike. It may be slack, but it's not a slacker.

  • 153mm 6" Rear Travel
  • 160mm 6.5" Front Travel
  • 27.5" Wheels • Up to 2.8 tires
  • Suspension • V5 Kinematics

Mojo HD4

The HD4’s reputation was defined by winning the overall team title in the Enduro World Series. Built for speed, it excels on steep terrain. While slaying the rowdiest descents may be expected of a world class enduro bike, sprinting back to the top is not. Thanks to the dw-link suspension design, cries of “That thing flies uphill” are common among the slack jawed first time riders.

Frame Material Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Frame Weight 6.4 lbs. (Medium)
Wheel Size 27.5” (650b) / up to 2.8 tires
Front Travel 160–170mm forks
Rear Travel 153mm (6 inches)
Boost Axles 148mm rear / 110mm front
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
Rear Brake 160mm post mount / 203mm max
Chainstay Length 430mm (16.9 inches)
Bottom Bracket Threaded (68mm English threaded)
ISCG 05 Compatible Optional removable adapter
Tapered Headtube ZS44 upper / ZS56 lower
Colors Fireball Red or Back in Black
Sizes S / M / L / XL
Frame Warranty 7 years
  • Standard Shock
  • Optional Upgrade
Hd4 gallery black front shadows
Hd4 gallery black back shadows
Hd4 gallery red front shadows
Hd4 gallery red back shadows
Hd4 gallery black front shadows
Hd4 gallery black back shadows
Hd4 gallery red front shadows
Hd4 gallery red back shadows
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As bikes have become faster and more capa­ble, the notions we held of what was nor­mal’ frame geom­e­try have been blown out of the water and new trends have emerged. Folks seek­ing greater sta­bil­i­ty through longer front ends and short­er stems were buy­ing a size up from what we expect­ed. With the HD4 we’ve done that for you by increas­ing the reach by the equiv­a­lent of one size, but with­out the penal­ty of an over­ly long head tube or seat tube. The longer reach com­bined with a slack­er head angle stretched out the wheel­base, and deliv­ers con­fi­dence inspir­ing sta­bil­i­ty in the rough­est and steep­est terrain.

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No one thought they need­ed a drop­per seat­post until they tried a drop­per seat post, and no one need­ed a longer drop­per seat­post until they tried a longer one, but you can’t enjoy the ben­e­fit of that extra drop if the seat tube is in the way. So we shaved 50mm off the top of each seat tube to give you room to roam. Now there’s enough room for short­er rid­ers to run a 150mm drop­per on the small sized frame, or a 170mm drop­per for every­one on all of the oth­er sizes, and still get your cor­rect sad­dle height.

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Since the begin­ning of Ibis 2.0 we’ve part­nered with sus­pen­sion guru Dave Wea­gle to uti­lize his dw-link sus­pen­sion tech­nol­o­gy to deliv­er an unpar­al­leled com­bi­na­tion of ped­al­ing and bump per­for­mance, but dw-link is not a sta­t­ic design. Over the more than 13 years that we’ve worked togeth­er, his designs and our objec­tives have evolved. For the HD4 we uti­lize the 5th gen­er­a­tion dw-link sus­pen­sion sys­tem to main­tain the ped­al­ing per­for­mance that Ibis bikes have always been known for, but with more pro­gres­sion in the shock lever­age curve, allow­ing for more big-hit capa­bil­i­ty in very rough terrain.

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With 6.25”(160mm) of trav­el up front and 6”(153mm) in the rear the HD4 deliv­ers more than enough cush to han­dle the rough­est tracks. In fact, the sus­pen­sion is designed to stay high in its trav­el deliv­er­ing a pro­por­tion­al response to small and mid-sized bumps, and only div­ing deep into the shock stroke on the biggest hits. Con­se­quent­ly, that 6” man­ages the ter­rain bet­ter than oth­er longer trav­el designs that tend to wal­low in their mid-stroke.

2017 HD4 Lower Link 800


Con­tin­u­ous refine­ment of our link­age design has result­ed in a 40% increase in stiff­ness at the low­er link, and 30% at the upper link than our pre­vi­ous designs.

Plus, we laser etch instruc­tions on how to install prop­er­ly. I’m down!”

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Designed to accom­mo­date pig­gy­back’ style shocks with­out sac­ri­fic­ing the room for a water bot­tle, the HD4 ships with Fox’s DPX2. The added flu­id vol­ume and twin tube damper design man­ages heat build up and bot­tom out bet­ter than stan­dard inline shocks for the rough­est enduro tracks.

For rid­ers who want a high­er degree of tun­abil­i­ty, we have an upgrade shock avail­able on every kit, the excel­lent 2018 Fac­to­ry Series Fox Float X2 with Kashima coating.

To set­up sag, go for 14 — 18mm / 25 — 30%.

Build Your Mojo HD4

Progressive Geometry

Enhanced bike handling capabilities over rough and steep terrain.

  • 64.9° Head Tube Angle
  • 74° Seat Tube Angle
  • 16.9" Chainstays
Mojo HD4 geo layer

160mm Fork (552mm axle to crown)

Nominal Size   Small Medium Large X-Large
Seat Tube Length A 36214.3 39315.5 44517.6 48319.1
Top Tube Length B 57922.8 60423.8 62824.8 65826
Head Tube Length (4mm stack of lower cup not included) C 873.5 1094.3 1265 1425.6
Chainstay Length D 43016.93 43016.93 43016.93 43016.93
Seat Tube Angle E 74º74º 74º74º 74º74º 74º74º
Head Tube Angle F 64.9º64.9º 64.9º64.9º 64.9º64.9º 64.9º64.9º
Wheelbase G 116345.8 119247 121948 125149.3
BB Height (with 2.5 Maxxis Minons) 34313.6 34313.6 34313.6 34313.6
Stack 57022.5 59023.5 60523.9 62024.5
Reach 41516.4 43517.2 45518 48018.9
Standover 69327.3 71528.2 72928.8 75729.9
Trail 1184.7 1184.7 1184.7 1184.7

Sizing Guide (Rider Height)

152–165CM5'0"–5' 5"
163–175CM5'4"–5' 9"

Dropper Post Measurements  

Saddle height used for dropper measurements:

49mm rails-to-top.

IMPORTANT: Before riding, check the saddle to tire clearance with the dropper post fully dropped and the air out of the shock with frame compressed to bottom out.

Dropper Post Saddle Height Calculations

Do not try to insert your post deeper than these measurements. Forcing the post can result in a seat tube failure.

Frame measurement S M L XL
Center-to-Top (mm) 365 396 448 486
Max Insertion (mm) 225 255 255 280

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
185 Min 625 626 678 713
  Max 720 751 803 841
160 Min 575 598 650 688
  Max 700 731 783 821
125 Min 532 563 615 653
  Max 650 681 733 771

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
150 Min 595 606 658 696
  Max 720 751 803 841
125 Min 551 582 634 672
  Max 670 701 753 791
100 Min 526 557 609 647
  Max 620 651 703 741

Measurement from center BB to center of saddle rail (mm)

Drop Min/Max S M L XL
175 Min 603 622 674 712
  Max 716 747 799 837
150 Min 566 597 649 687
  Max 676 707 759 797
125 Min 540 571 623 661
  Max 626 657 709 747
100 Min 515 546 598 636
  Max 586 617 669 707