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You can seriously haul ass in the dirt: think road bike speeds on singletrack. So. Much. Fun.

Andy Jacques-Maynes
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Hakka MX

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The Hakka MX is our answer to the Swiss Army Knife. It’s the bike we’d choose if, heaven forbid, we could only have one bike. 

The Hakka MX is a gravel bike. It’s also a cross bike and a road bike. We’ve logged a few bike packing trips on the Hakka too. 

You can outfit the bike with 27.5 mountain bike wheels, where it’ll accept up to a 2.1” tire. 

In 700c mode, it’ll accommodate very nicely tires from 23c to over 40c.

With the hydraulic brakes being so good on CX/road/gravel bikes now, coupled with the ability to run big-volume big-traction tires, this bike is a total blast on dirt (especially fast flowing singletrack).  


  • Ability to run 700C Wheels or 27.5" Wheels
  • 142mm through axle rear dropout spacing
  • T47 Threaded Bottom Bracket
  • Versatile Internal Cable Routing
  • Compression Molded Carbon Dropouts
  • Disc Brake Compatible
  • Two Color Choices, Fireball or Coal
  • Dropper Post Compatible
  • Headset is: IS 41/28.6 upper, IS 52/40 lower
  • 1.5" Tapered Head Tube
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Max 1x chain ring size 48t

Reviews / Awards

Our most versatile bike is the Hakka MX. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Wheels and Tires - 700c

The Hakka MX performs well as a gravel, cross or road bike. Each of these disciplines likely uses a different tire, and the Hakka plays nice with any of them. 

You can run any number of 700 x 40c tires for the ultra-plush Barcalounger style ride. We like this size tire for bikepacking and burlier terrain, or if you simply want to be prepared for whatever mother nature and the road less traveled wants to throw at you. Our standard tire if you're going for the 700c option is the Schwalbe G-One in a 700 x 40c size. 

A lot of times we find ourselves not needing the burly capabilities of the 40c tire, yet want a tire that will give us good performance in a trouble-free size. In this instance a 33c tire is a confidence-inspiring choice. There are numerous tire choices in this size, and a lot of Cyclocross racers prefer tires around this size. 

We don't want to downplay the Hakka MX's capabilities as a pure cross bike. This is a bike that can race competitive cross at the highest levels. We've been testing the Hakka MX for nearly a year now, and our lead engineer on the project, Andy Jacques-Maynes, has ridden it to two victories in competitive local cyclocross races. 

If you want to go full roadie, or nearly full roadie, we approve. With a road bike standard 70mm bottom bracket drop and a 1000g carbon fiber frame, the Hakka transforms itself effortlessly into a RAD (Ride All Day) comfort cruiser. Although it's definitely not a criterium bike (remember those?), we've steepend the head angle on the top three sizes of Hakka (compared to the prior version) for a little more snap. Throw some lightweight 25c tires on the bike and you can blend in with the pack on your Saturday club ride. 

We offer a choice of two different 700c wheelsets.:
Stan's Grail: The guys who started the tubeless revolution, Stan's, deliver a nice package in this cross/gravel specific tubeless wheelset. The BST-R rim technology will take tires from 25c on up to 40c, and you can run tubeless pressures up to 40psi with all the tires above 32c. If you're running a tubeless tire in the 25c to 32c range, you can put up to 115psi in the tires. You may also use tubes if that's the way you like to roll. This rim weighs 460g. The Grail comes as standard equipment on the Hakka with the SRAM Rival group. 

Ibis D30 Carbon: With the launch of the Hakka MX, we are also launching our new carbon fiber gravel/cross wheelset, called the D30. The rim features a 21mm inner rim diameter and weighs 425g. They’re ideal for tires between 30-42c but will play nice with anything down to a 23c. The D30s feature a slight hook bead. This helps keep tubeless tires locked in place at standard road pressures. 

The wheels feature 24 Spoke drilling, bladed Pillar spokes with alloy nipples, and our proven Ibis hubs, which can be fitted with a SRAM XD driver, a Shimano 11sp road driver or a Shimano 11sp mountain driver (yes, they're different). They feature 12mm through axles front and rear, and the spacing is 100mm up front and 142 in the rear. 

The wheels will be available on our $3,299 Rival build for an $800 upgrade fee. They will ship standard on our $6,499 Ultegra Di2 model. The new D30 rims are backed by our seven-year warranty, which also covers standard rim impacts.

Wheels and Tires - 27.5"

If you'd like to foray into Monstercross BEAST mode, we recommend a set of 27.5" wheels with a set of 2.1 tires mounted (we like the Schwalbe Thunder Burt's). We're seeing more and more people embrace the floatation traction and comfort advantages of the 27.5" wheels for light offroad and gravel use. 

This wheelsize is also a favorite of the bikepacking crowd. 

We offer two different 27.5" wheelsets:

Ibis 733: Another new wheelset we're introducing with the Hakka MX is our mid-wide assymmetric 733 wheelset. The wheels feature our 475g tubless aluminum rims with a 29mm internal width that mates well to the 2.1 tires this bike can handle. The 32º wheels also feature Ibis hubs, PiIlar 14/15 double butted spokes and weigh 1730g. 

Ibis 735 Carbon: Our proven carbon assymmetric 735 wheels come standard on the Di2 kit and are available as an option on the Rival kit should you want to moderate your dispensing of c-notes but still enjoy the magic-carpet carbon ride. The 32º wheelset weighs 1598g and the 29mm inner width rims come in at a very low rotating weight of 390g. Our latest generation Ibis hubs are included and you can order them with a Shimano (mountain) or a SRAM XD driver. 


All the cable routing is internal, and we use our new plastic ports to allow maximum adaptability for whatever spec a rider would want.  We also have a slick Di2 battery mount for complete Di2 integration.

The Hakka is also dropper post compatible. Here's a suggestion for a Hakka Hack: get a Ultegra hydro left shifter and use it to activate your dropper. 

Bottom Bracket

We are big fans of the T47 bottom bracket standard, so have included that on the Hakka. We like the T47 because it allows a beefy 30mm spindle, and the bb simply threads into the frame so your bike mechanic won't hate on you and your bb won't creak on you. 


Both component groups we offer have 1X drivetrains, and the Hakka MX is also compatible with 2X drivetrains, if you simply must have a front derailleur. 


The Hakka MX has some nice flat-mount rear disc mounts and utilizes a 160mm rotor. And you'll notice fender mounts on the seat stays (removable at the bottom of the stays) and forward by the bottom bracket yoke. The ENVE fork does not have fender mounts, but there's a good one you can purchase here that requires no built in fender mounts. 

With the hydraulic brakes being so good on CX/road/gravel bikes now, coupled with the ability to run big-traction tires, this bike is a total blast on dirt (especially fast flowing singletrack).  


We've got swag too. Find these in our online store.

Check out these excepts from Chris McNally's illustrated travel journal. This ink and watercolor series recounts the Ramble Ride in Asheville NC in October 2017. The rides are multi-day, mixed terrain bike packing adventures. We managed to get Chris a brand spankin new Hakka MX for the trip, and Chris tells the story for us in these six illustrations. Be sure to watch the video at the end.



Click the image above to see the full story!

Show/Hide the Geometry Overlay

Nominal Size c-t   49 53 55 58 61
Seat Tube Length A 455 525 550 575 605
Top Tube Length B 520 540 550 570 590
Head Tube Length C 110 135 155 175 195
Chainstay Length D 430 430 430 430 430
Seat Tube Angle E 74.5º 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
Head Tube Angle F 70.5 71.5° 72 72 72
Wheelbase G 1007 1011 1021 1037 1057
Stack 532 560 580 599 616
Reach 370 373 382 391 406
Bottom Bracket Drop 70 70 70 70 70
Standover Height 729 785 802 827 853
Sizing Guide (height-inches) 4'11" - 5'4" 5'3 - 5'8" 5'7" - 5' 11" 5'10" - 6'2" 6'1"-6'6"
Sizing Guide (height-cm) 150 - 163 160 - 173 170 - 180 178 - 188 185 - 198

Standover Heights

Standover height is measured with 706mm diameter tires = 700x40c. 

Subtract 6mm for 700x33c tires or 27.5 x 2.1" tires

Shared Measurements

  • Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
  • Front Derailleur 34.9mm
  • Flat Mounts for Rear Brake 140mm
  • Bottom Bracket T47 Threaded
  • Rear Spacing 142mm through axle
  • Max Rear Rotor 160mm

Sorry, no build kit info for the Hakka MX.

About the T47 Bottom Bracket

The correct bottom bracket for the Hakka MX depends on which crankset you are using. Here's a reference guide if you are building your own Hakka. If you are purchasing our Rival or Ultegra Di2 kit, we'll include the correct one for you. 

If you are using Shimano road cranks:

    Use External 24mm BBs from (in alphabetical order-we're not playing favorites!):

  •         Chris King, Part Threadfit T47 24X & Conversion Kit #8
  •         Enduro Bearings, Part #s BKC-0741, BKS-0231
  •         Praxis Works, Part # 47-3001
  •         Wheels Manufacturing, Part # T47-OUT-SHIM-AC
  •         White Industries, Part # BBE24T47

If you are using SRAM GXP 24/22mm stepped cranks:

    Use 24/22mm External BBs from:

  •         Chris King, Part Threadfit T47 24X & Conversion Kit #9
  •         Enduro Bearings, Part #s BKC-0741, BKS-0231
  •         Wheels Manufacturing, Part # T47-OUT-SRAM-AC
  •         White Industries, Part # BBE22T47

If you are using BB30 road cranks, including SRAM cranks listed as “BB30/PF30”-compatible:

    Use 30mm Internal BBs from:

  •         Chris King, Part Threadfit T47 30I (no kit needed)
  •         Enduro Bearings, Part #s BKC-0721, BKS-0201
  •         Wheels Manufacturing, Part # T47-BB-30MM-AC
  •         White Industries, Part # BBI306873T47

If you are using 30mm road cranks from Easton, Rotor:

    Use 30mm External BBs from:

  •         Chris King, Part Threadfit T47 30X & Conversion Kit #27
  •         Enduro Bearings, Part #s BKC-0731, BKS-0211
  •         Wheels Manufacturing, Part # T47-OUT-30MM-AC
  •         White Industries, Part # BBE30T47


If you are using BB386EVO road cranks, SRAM cranks listed as “BB30/386”-compatible:

    Use 30mm External BBs

Chris King, Part Threadfit T47 30I (no conversion kit, use normal spacers)

  •         Enduro Bearings, Part #s BKC-0731, BKS-0211
  •         Wheels Manufacturing Part # T47-OUT-30MM-AC
  •         White Industries, Part # BBE30T47 (not FSA cranks)


Use 30mm Internal BBs listed above AND

  • Use FSA adapter 200-3204 (BB386EVO cranks to BB30/PF30 BB).  QBP part CR8502.

If you are using Campagnolo Ultra-Torque cranks:

  •     Use BB cups from Enduro Bearings, Part “BB Cup Set T47 UT Ad”


If you are using Praxis M30 cranks:

  •     Use BB from Praxis Works, Part #47-0000