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Ibis Demo Tour 2015

There are several ways to demo Ibis bikes. 


During the demo season (Spring, Summer, Fall) we operate our demo fleet out of a big 'ol Mercedes Sprinter van, loaded to the gills with a nice selection of Ripleys, Tranny29s and Mojo HD3s. The schedule can be seen above, to the right of the map. The schedule is constantly evolving throughout the season, adding new demo dates.

As always, stay tuned to this page for updates.


We also have a factory demo program. If you find  yourself in Santa Cruz, we have a fleet of bikes available to take out for a day or a weekend.

The Demo Hotline number is (831)-824-9311

When you get a bike from our facility, we will ask you for a very small $20 donation to the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, the people who maintain a lot of the trails that you will be riding on your demo. 100% goes to MBoSC. If you want a bike for the whole weekend, the rate is $60 and again, all the proceeds go to keeping our trails in good shape. We don't take a penny. To request a demo, you can call us toll free at 1 (866) 424-7635 or email us at

Don't forget shoes, pedals, helmet, gloves, credit card and driver's license. We do have an assortment of pedals including flats in case you forget something. 


If you're not familiar with the trails around Santa Cruz and would like a guide, we suggest our friends over at The Ride Guides. From their website: "At The Ride Guides we teach bicycle handling skills, guide clients on our favorite rides, and encourage responsible trail etiquette, all of this while squeezing the most fun possible from two wheels".

There's really nothing like having a local guide to navigate the real trail nectar. The Ride Guides can help you uncover all the hidden treasure that Santa Cruz has to offer.


Remember, many of our retailers have demos available to ride any day. You can always look at our dealer listing and see if there’s a dealer with a demo near you. Even if there's not one listed, it wouldn't hurt to give a call and see if they do have any demo bikes. 

The map above shows where we're headed and when and remember, it's always changing

Demo Tour Dates

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