Past Models

For information on Ibis Models that have been discontinued or superseded by other models, you're in the right place. This page is provided as a reference for how the bikes were spec'd when they were put out to their single track pasture.

The Ripley 29 // 120mm awards.

The Ripley 29 // 120mm

We bring the advantages of a 29" wheel to a lightweight, nimble & fun trail bike.

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Ripley 29 - 1st Gen

Mojo HDR // 160mm

The HDR continues in the very capable footsteps of our popular and highly regarded HD.

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Mojo HDR

Mojo HDR 650b // 130mm

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Mojo HDR 650b

Mojo HD // 160mm

Meet your future. Ultra strong, lightweight, great pedaling all mountain and trail bike.

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Mojo HD 1st Gen

Mojo HD // 140mm

Opening a new world of lovely stiff 140mm possibilities.

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Mojo HD 140
Mojo SL-R // 140mm awards.

Mojo SL-R // 140mm

We hit the reset button. The Mojo SL-R: a phenomenally light, startlingly stiff trail bike

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Mojo SL-R

Mojo SL // 140mm

Superlight, strong and beautiful conquistador of whatever trail you throw at it.

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Mojo SL

Mojo // 140mm

The carbon monocoque that reinvented dual suspension: light, strong and beautiful too!

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Tranny // Hardtail

A lightweight carbon hardtail that easily converts to a single speed or travel bike.

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Silk SL // Road

Subtle graphics, subtle price, stunning performance, lighter than air.

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Silk SL

Hakkalügi // Versatile

Light and nimble like a road bike, durable like a mountain bike, fun like no other.

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