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Your Ibis Hakkalügi

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We used to say “Steel is real”. Now we say “Steel is real…heavy”.
Scot Nicol
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After too long away from the muddy racecourses, the Ibis Hakkalügi has returned in all of its throat-clearing phlegmatic glory. This time around a huge chunk of weight has been removed by making the frame out of carbon fiber. Combine the lightweight frame with Ibis’ classic cross geometry and you are definitely onto a winner. With features such as compression molded carbon dropouts, a carbon fiber seat tube insert and carbon head cups adding strength while dropping weight the ‘Lügi is ready for anything you throw at it.

Features of the Hakkalügi

  • Classic cyclocross geometry
  • Carbon fiber seat tube insert
  • Compression molded carbon dropouts
  • ’Hand Job’ cantilever mount cable stop
  • 2.4 lb frame weight in size 55
  • 2 color choices

We’ve subtracted a lot of weight by making the frame out of carbon fiber. For you purists out there, sorry. For you weight weenies out there, you’re welcome. We used to say “Steel is real”. Now we say “Steel is real…heavy”. Sorry, we love steel but we couldn't resist.

Geometry is classic cross. We've designed the frame around and mated it to a nice lightweight Enve (nee Edge) RFC-47 Cross fork.

Canti mounts are back AND so is the hand job cable stop, after a many year vacation from duty.

The ‘Lugi also features strong and svelte compression molded carbon dropouts not too unlike those found on the Silk SL.

A carbon fiber seat tube insert and some judicious carbon fiber layout ends up with this super strong frame weighing a little more than 1100g in a size 55 (they vary a bit from frame to frame).

We’re particularly excited about the way this thing looks, in both of its guises. The lion on the seat tube comes from the icon of the Flemish flag.

New for this year, the Hakkalügi now come in two 'colors'. One is flat black (or you could accurately call it matte clear). But to make it easier for all of us, we're calling it Black Lung. As for the other color, we’re pretty sure you know this, but the Flemish people (the Phlegms?) live in a region of Belgium called Flanders and they are known for their cycling prowess - especially for their success in cyclocross racing. So as an homage to that, the color of the frame is called Phlegmish Yellow.

Show/Hide the Geometry Overlay

Nominal Size c-t   470 500 530 550 580 610
Seat Tube Length A 420 451 490 493 529 555
Top Tube Length B 514 530 542 559 574 581
Head Tube Length C 110 115 145 160 185 200
Chainstay Length D 430 430 430 430 430 430
Seat Tube Angle E 73.1° 72.8° 72.9° 72° 71.6° 72°
Head Tube Angle F 70.5° 70.2° 71.5° 71.5° 71.4° 72.4°
Wheelbase G 998 1004 1010 1016 1030 1032
Bottom Bracket Drop 60 64 64 62 61 56
Standover Height 741 750 780 790 830 850

All measurements are in millimeters unless otherwise noted.

Shared Measurements

  • Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
  • Front Derailleur 34.9mm
  • Headset Campagnolo Hiddenset Standard
  • Bottom Bracket 68mm (BSA) English Thread

Sorry, no build kit info for the Hakkalügi.

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    Black Lung

    It's black, it's not shiny and it's oh so stealth. It's called Black Lung and it's new for 2011.

  • Phlegmish Yellow frame colour selector
    Phlegmish Yellow thumbnail

    Phlegmish Yellow

    In homage to the Flemish (the Phlegms?) - known especially for their success in cyclocross racing.

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    Hakkalügi frame only summary.

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    SRAM's Rival group is strong and super light - a perfect match for the Hakkalügi frame.

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    Good old Shimano Ultegra is reliable, strong and light.

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